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Vale, Jill Lindsay

Feb 08, 2011

The Melbourne Cricket Club is extremely saddened by the passing of Jill Lindsay and offers its condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Jill.

A great character whose professionalism and personal relationship with so many MCC people ensured the smooth running of AFL matches at the MCG for decades, Jill was one of a kind. The president, committee, staff and members of the MCC salute her contribution to football and mourn her passing.

MCC staff members who had the privilege of working closely with Jill throughout her 40 years in the industry, pay tribute to her below.


Fittingly, Jill Lorraine's farewell is at the MCG, a place she has held court at with so many people and events one can't imagine what happened before Jill.  Her spirited approach, definitive positions, delights and frustrations at the MCG are legendary to many of us.

Recently, at long serving MCC operations manager Ken Parker's retirement function, Jill spoke fondly of her times with the MCC staff on match days especially finals, and of her decision making with Ken in all things operational at the MCG.

As we all observed, Ken and Jill had such similar styles it was apparent that they made all decisions about what to do, despite what Trevor Dohnt, Stephen Gough or Andrew Demetriou believed would occur.  Clearly, they got it right so often that we all had a degree of comfort from this great partnership.

Jill's final words at the function emphasised her love of the MCG and all of the staff including seeking a gatekeeper role at the MCG when she ultimately retired from the AFL.

I'm sure that the MCC staff will run the MCG as if Jill is still here and we know that her presence will remain forever at her favourite MCG.

Stephen Gough


Having spent 31 years with the MCC and another nine at the VAFA, I have known, admired and respected Jill Lindsay for 40 years.

Sure we blued now and then but never for long and she being far more logical, possessed that innate ability to convince you of her viewpoint 99% of the time.

She was popular with all club staff whilst her mentoring role within the AFL to young female administrators, a number of whom are now in senior positions within AFL member clubs, was exemplary.

“She” always signed correspondence and Christmas cards or began a call with “Jill Lorraine” here and together shared a respectful understanding of the roles we played in serving our superiors and organisations.

We’ll miss the yearly AFL tie and those grand final pins and caps JL.
Rest in peace.

Peter French
Assistant to the CEO


The phrase “a rough diamond”, with an emphasis on diamond comes to mind quickly when describing Jill to work colleagues. She was direct, did not hold back on her words and certainly not quiet in her delivery but you knew where you stood and you respected her for it.

I have dealt with many, many people in this game but none more delightful than Jill Lorraine. The AFL season will never be the same without her around. While the AFL and the MCC may not always see eye-to-eye on operational and commercial issues, her professionalism, friendship and desire to get the job done never altered. 

One of the best in the business. She would be my number one pick in my dream team!

Trevor Dohnt
General Manager, Event Operations

- ---------------------

Even when reading the riot act to some poor soul, Jill’s legendary sense of humour was still in play.

She was an inspiration to me early in my career and was a mentor throughout, never failing to pick up the phone to congratulate a career step or commiserate North’s form.

Lisa Trainor
General Manager, Commercial Operations


It should never be underestimated the positive impact Jill had on the great spectacle that is AFL football as it was her responsibility to ensure that nothing came between the players performance on match day and the fans. 

Ensuring venue facilities were prepared so that players could perform at their peak, that on-field activities adhered to strict timelines and TV cameras were never in the way of the spectators were just some of the activities Jill involved herself to achieve excellence for each AFL match presented at the MCG. 

She was unwavering in her high expectations of the venue and venue management but was also ready with praise and congratulations when things went well.

A fantastic lady with a brilliant sense of humour who has touched an amazing array of people in a very positive way.
Jill was a great support and inspiration to me professionally and personally and although her very bright light has been extinguished in this lifetime, it continues to shine for those of us who had the honour to be a part of her life.

Lisa Price
Event Operations Manager


I first met Jill when I worked under her in the early 70's at Waverley in the VFL. What I remember most about her was that when the right thing had to be done, it didn't matter how tough it was, once she asked for you to do it you gathered your resources and did it. She had the ability to inspire people to do things no matter how hard the task seemed.

And regardless of how well things turned out, she would always make a point of thanking you. You never minded doing the hard jobs because she'd always appreciate it.

Jill was a lovely person, had a funny sense of humour and was a great character to work for.

Gary Walshe
Stadium Management Centre Supervisor

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