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Boxing Day Test - Day 4 tickets

Dec 29, 2010

Follow the MCG on Facebook England is just four wickets away from retaining the Ashes when play continues on Day 4 of the Boxing Day Test against Australia at the MCG on Wednesday December 29.

Play will commence at 10.30am and public gates open at 9.30am.  Tickets will be on sale at the gates.

Please note there will be no refund issued by Cricket Australia unless wet weather impacts on the amount of cricket seen.  See Cricket Australia's National Refund Policy.

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The MCG's remaining 2010/11 international matches are:

One-Day International 
Sunday January 16, 2011                  Australia v England

Twenty20 International
Friday January 14, 2011                   Australia v England

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Posted by: Roy on 29/12/2010 07:10:23 AM

Logged on to see what discount was available for day 4. Not only will they miss out on my attendance, but also my Car Parking fee and food & drink purchases! Feel sorry for those who pre-purchased tickets.

Posted by: Satvinder on 29/12/2010 07:24:21 AM

Cricket Australia pls think twice can't you see that it is purely rideclous to charge the people too much when you had more then 80,000 attendence on three days and still you wanna charge more when it should be a free to public day, no wonder it is just a business for CA not a sport any more and no wonder Australia is loosing ashes yet again

Posted by: Bobby on 29/12/2010 09:21:02 AM

Another example of short sighted cricket administrators shooting themselves in the foot. They'd make more money letting people in for free and selling goods and products than they will selling 10 tickets max today! It's a disgrace

Posted by: James on 29/12/2010 09:26:43 AM

I'm English, so the money doesn't really phase me, but it seems as if Cricket Australia don't even want their own fans there. Cricket in Australia is now a joke, the running of the great game, is a joke, the selection of the team is a joke. This is just the latest in a long line of horrible decisions made by people seemingly trying to restrict it's growth.

Posted by: Matt on 29/12/2010 10:27:21 AM

I can't believe you're charging full price for admission today! Your greed will be rewarded with empty stands.
Surely you would just open the gates and let people in for free, or maybe $5.

Posted by: Rob Jackson on 29/12/2010 10:37:43 AM

Really poor PR from Cricket Australia. At at time when the sport needs every bit of positive publicity it can get, CA come up with this dumb decision that may reap then a few thousand bucks. One of the reasons why cricket is on a downward spiral in this country.

Posted by: Sue on 29/12/2010 12:03:45 PM

Luke sums it up for me. A ticket to Day 4 was my young sons MAIN christmas present. I hope he saviours every second as he wont be enjoying it for long. And of course as someone has to take him there's an adult ticket as well. The tickets were purchased months ago, I wont be making that mistake again. Bitterly dissappointed, a full refund was/is not expected, however some refund or exchange would be appropriate. IT'S JUST NOT CRICKET!

Posted by: Gwynn on 29/12/2010 12:13:23 PM

Brought a day 4 ticket, $65, not the greatest return on investment, but its the risk you take buying in advance. Still glad I saw some cricket and the presentation, but will watch from home next time. Once bitten, twice shy.

Posted by: Rachel Romain on 29/12/2010 02:56:19 PM

So you (eventually) saw sense and let people in for free, but won't give a <25 over refund for those of us who paid in advance for our tickets? Great to see the last morning's play, but a bit unfair all round. Poor show, Cricket Australia.

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