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Latest Yarra Park News

Winter update
June 26, 2014

Despite recent wintery conditions, the MCC wishes to advise that Yarra Park will continue to accommodate event day parking in the forthcoming weeks.

Periodical resting of selected areas, more sophisticated phasing of car parking activity and ongoing maintenance works have meant that the impact of vehicles on the park has been reduced. Areas of the park that have been affected will continue to be monitored, remediated and worked around.

The ongoing improvement of the landscape of Yarra Park is one of the many benefits attributable to the MCC’s investment in the park through the Water Recycling Facility and increased maintenance services.


Use of barbecues in Yarra Park

Click here to read more about the requirements of patrons wishing to use barbecues or distribute/sell alcohol in Yarra Park.


Water Recycling Facility nominated for Banksia Award - August 22, 2013


Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility video
December 10, 2012

Watch this video on You Tube about the water recycling facility in Yarra Park, which aired on Ten News Melbourne.


Water Recycling Facility in Yarra Park wins award
December 7, 2012

The water recycling facility located in Yarra Park, adjacent to the MCG, has won the Infrastructure Project Innovation Award at the Australian Water Association Awards (Victorian Branch).

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Two green boxes mark the entrances to the underground water recycling facility in Yarra Park.Water recycling project now a reality
November 23, 2012

Victoria’s largest underground water recycling facility, located in Yarra Park adjacent to the Gate 2 members’ entrance at the MCG, has become a reality with construction completed and water being supplied to the parkland.

The $24 million project, funded by the MCC ($18 million) and the Victorian Government ($6 million), treats sewage from the local sewerage network to Class A recycled water standards.

Tenix commenced construction on the 25 x 31 metre site in May last year and recently completed a comprehensive testing regime to ensure the water quality meets EPA guidelines.

More than 180 million litres of recycled water will be produced each year, reducing the MCC’s use of potable water by approximately 50 per cent. It is expected that this significant reduction will see the club removed from Victoria’s top 200 water users list.

The water will then be re-used primarily as irrigation in Yarra Park, as well as for cleaning and toilet flushing at the MCG and at nearby Punt Road Oval. 

As one of the first of its type in Victoria, the recycling facility has been built underground, out of public view, without taking away from valuable surface land use or park amenity.

For the technically minded, the water recycling process consists of screening and grit removal, biological treatment of the sewage and chemical addition for phosphate removal, filtration via membrane bioreactor and ultra-filtration membrane systems, before finally disinfection via ultraviolet and chlorination.

“Development of a water recycling facility is the cornerstone of our master plan for the long-term health and viability of Yarra Park,” said MCC CEO Stephen Gough.  “It will also substantially reduce our reliability on potable water and increase the amenity for all park users.”


Yarra ParkThe MCC has developed a number of documents that are central to its overall strategy for the health of Yarra Park. 

These include a Master Plan, Cultural and Heritage Management Plan, a Landscape Master Plan and a Management and Improvement Plan, which covers the first three to four years of planned activities. 

Permits and works approvals for various aspects of the project have also been sought from several organisations including Heritage Victoria, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria, City West Water, Department of Health, City of Melbourne, VicRoads and Environment Protection Authority.

This extensive consultation is necessary to ensure all legislative requirements are met, as well as providing an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to this significant development in Yarra Park.


Yarra Park Advisory Committee

A Yarra Park Advisory Committee has been formed to provide input into the proposed works:

Pat McNamara (MCG Trust - chair), Stephen Gough (MCC), Cr Cathy Oke (City of Melbourne), Francis Khoo and Stuart Hamilton (community representatives nominated by City of Melbourne), Dr Michelle Gallan and Dr Greg Moore (Victorian Government appointees).


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