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Management and Improvement Plan

In addition to the construction of an underground Water Recycling Facility, the following acivities will be undertaken in Yarra Park during the 2011/12 year as part of the Yarra Park Management and Improvement Plan:

Landscape Upgrade - Stage 1

An area located in the North East sector of Yarra Park is identified for the Stage 1 Landscape upgrade works and this area comprises 25 percent of the total park area. The proposed works are:

• Install irrigation system to avenues and open space areas to distribute Class A water.
• Cultivate seedbed, remove swales and low areas- install positive drainage as required.
• Install mulch to tree avenues and provide bollards to delineate open space areas from tree lines.
• Plant Kikuyu grasses via spring or sod method.
• Implement maintenance program and establish grasses.
• Replace all gaps in tree avenues.
• Install park furniture and infrastructure.

The works for stage 1 are to start in October 2011 and be completed by December 2011. As water will not be produced from the WRF until May 2012 Yarra Park will make alternate arrangements for the provision of water to support the Landscape upgrade.

CWW have given provisional approval for water exemptions to the identified area for a three month period from mid December 2011 to mid March 2012. Formal application for the water exemption will be submitted to CWW in June 2011.

As the construction of the WRF is progressively completed the soil and turf area in the construction zone will be reinstated to its original condition.

Irrigation System mobilisation

The condition of the existing irrigation system is discussed in Section 5 Yarra Park – Current Assets. The system will be progressively replaced as part of the Landscape upgrade works. Temporary works are to be undertaken to allow the distribution of water to remaining areas of the park in 2012 when the WRF is at full capacity.

Implement Traffic Management Findings

The draft Traffic Management report is due for completion March/April 2011 and its recommendations are to be considered and assessed for practical implementation.  This report will have iterations with the Recreational Management Plan and further inform management regarding maintaining community access to the park whilst managing the parking of vehicles within Yarra Park.

Implement Recreation Management Plan Findings  

The draft Recreational Management Plan report is due for completion in March/April and is discussed in 6.4. This report forms the basis for the management actions reflective of community use of the park and the management of vehicles that attend events held at venues within the sporting precinct.

Tree Management Plan Implementation

Tree Logic has completed a Tree Management Plan for Yarra Park. All trees have been assessed for health and condition and recommendations made for the management of those trees. The report also focuses on maintaining the integrity of the design intent, the heritage, indigenous and remnant vegetation values of Yarra Park. The Tree Management Plan is to further inform the services agreement associated with the contractor - Citywide.

Tree Logic has further provide a Tree Management Plan for the works associated with the temporary construction zone of the WRF and the associated pipe routes. The recommendations of this report are included within the Tenix Construction Management Plan. Tree Logic are commissioned to manage the tree protection zones during construction in additional to the protection of the VAHR-protected sites.

Upgrade VAHR identified trees

Yarra Park contains three scarred trees of moderate significance, VAHR No 7822-0648 (Yarra Park 1), VAHR No 7822-0649 (Yarra Park 2), VAHR No 7822-0996 (Yarra Park 3), which are protected under CHMP No – 11145. The recommendations within the CHMP are to be implemented prior to any works being undertaken on site.

Interpretative opportunities of these VAHR sites are to be implemented within the Landscape upgrade.

Southern Plaza

The Southern Plaza is identified as an area located adjacent to the AFL Members entrance on the southern section of Yarra Park. 

The purpose of this area is to provide a site where taxis, patrons with disabilities and bus drop off can occur on the southern edge of the MCG. This strategy reduces the traffic impact on the roads and residential properties along Vale St and Jolimont Tce areas.

The Plaza also acts as a meeting point on the southern edge of Yarra Park for non-event and event days where visitors can visit, rest or spend time within a specific area that caters for such activity.  Yarra Park does not provide such a facility at present.

A description of the proposed works is included in the approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan.

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