Seating Plans

All seating bays at the MCG begin with Row A closest to the fence and continue back to Row Z, before reverting to Row AA, BB, CC and so on.

Upcoming events

2016/17 cricket season
Boxing Day Test Australia v Pakistan - December 26-30

One-Day International Australia v New Zealand - December 9

One-Day International Australia v Pakistan - January 15, 2017

T20 International Australia v Sri Lanka - February 17, 2017

Generic MCG seating plan

Guns N' Roses - February 14, 2017

Seat view

Interested in what angle you'll be watching the action from? Click here for our find my seat option!

Undercover Seating

Due to the difficulty in accurately classifying any seat at the MCG as "undercover", even though there is a roof overhead in some sections of the ground, patrons cannot be guaranteed protection from the elements.

As a guide however, please click here for the table which outlines where the drip line for each level lies.

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