A view of the MCG from Yarra Park.

Yarra Park

Yarra Park is one of the main public parklands in Melbourne and is located within the city’s vibrant sports and entertainment precinct. It provides the setting for the MCG and nearby Punt Road Oval.

Yarra Park has a significant indigenous pre-history, and is also noted for both its landscape and sporting heritage, dating back to the 1850s.

Like the stadium that adjoins it, Yarra Park is managed by Melbourne Cricket Club on behalf of the people of Victoria. MCC reports in to the Yarra Park Advisory Committee.

water recycling facility and landscape upgrade will secure the future of the trees in the park, which is all part of the Yarra Park Master Plan.

The MCC’s vision for Yarra Park sees the parkland being used by a variety of groups and individuals in a safe and reasonable manner. Here are just a few of them.

Vehicle parking

On most event days, when weather has not adversely affected the park’s condition, vehicles are permitted to park on the grasslands.

Parking costs $10 per vehicle and all money is invested back into the upkeep of the park.

Visiting an MCG event by car? View the Yarra Park vehicle parking schedule

Barbecues and tailgate parties

Patrons planning on hosting tailgate parties will need to pre-register and seek a permit if they plan on conducting prohibited activities.

Erecting marquees, using noisy sound equipment and commercial activities are all prohibited in the park without a permit.

In addition, all patrons who wish to have a barbecue in Yarra Park on an event day are required to obtain a permit, as required under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act

The permit is free of charge.

Download a permit application form here

Please fill out the details required and submit to yarrapark@mcc.org.au. All applications must be submitted a minimum of three days before the event.

Note: Applications for a permit in Yarra Park at the 2015 AFL Grand Final have now closed.

Please note that BBQ and tailgate activities are subject to the terms and conditions listed in the application form and will require a separate liquor  licence from the VCGLR (Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation) if patrons are intending to sell or distribute liquor. VCGLR permit applications can be downloaded via www.vcglr.vic.gov.au.

In balancing the various needs regarding works and events in Yarra Park, the following operational regulations apply:

  • No construction or maintenance ‘works’, bump-in, bump-out or entry of heavy vehicles prior to 7.00am Monday to Friday and9.00am on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
  • No construction or maintenance ‘works’, bump-in, bump-out or exit of heavy vehicles after 8.00pm on all days.
  • Activations, entertainment and events to conclude by 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (New Year’s Eve excepted).

Personal training

MCC welcomes and encourages the use of its beautiful wide open spaces by all park users for their fitness and recreational needs.

However, as the management of the park is governed by the Crown Land (Reserves) Act, it requires personal trainers to obtain a permit for such activity.

Download an application form, or call MCC on (03) 9657 8888 with any enquiries.

City of Melbourne Animal Management Officers

City of Melbourne, in partnership with Melbourne Cricket Club, is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of park users and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Following recent feedback and a proposal to review an extension to the existing off-leash areas, you will notice an increased presence of City of Melbourne Animal Management officers in Yarra Park.

The officers will work with pet owners to ensure that they are aware of dog on- and off-leash areas and to see that dogs are registered and wearing the current registration tag.

They will also be reminding pet owners about picking up after their dog when out and about in the City of Melbourne.

For information visit www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/pets.