Image and brand usage requests

It is the responsibility of the Melbourne Cricket Club to preserve the integrity of the ground and control the use of MCG, MCC and Australian Sports Museum intellectual property.

Intellectual property includes:

• Logos
• Imagery or likeness
• Reference to any of the following: The ‘G, MCG or Melbourne Cricket Ground

Therefore requests to use the MCG name, image or brand for commercial use must gain prior approval from the MCC.

All applications must be made by completing the application form and sending to

We will respond to your application within five business days of receiving it and advise of commercial licensing fees.

Please note: having obtained an image of the MCG, even if already purchased, does not give you permission to use it for promotional purposes without the MCC’s written consent.


The following elements are considered by the MCC when determining fees:

a. Is the MCG recognisable either in whole or part in the campaign?
b. Is the MCG the “hero” of the campaign, ie. how heavily is the advertiser leveraging the MCG’s reputation in their campaign?
c. How big (audience, timeframe) is the campaign, how much does the advertiser expect to gain by leveraging the MCG’s reputation?
d. How is the “MCG” wording being used - is it contributing to the advertisers leveraging of the MCG’s reputation?


If you have any questions, please email or phone 61 3 9657 8894.