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Revamped MCG sporting precinct concept

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A study has been completed into the feasibility of a range of options for decking the rail corridor between the MCG and Melbourne Park.

Initiated and funded by the Melbourne Cricket Club and the MCG Trust to address safety and security imperatives, and following extensive consultation with multiple stakeholders, the study investigated various scenarios relating to development options for the precinct.

The study has been tabled with the Victorian Government for consideration as they assess the future vision of Melbourne and the sporting precinct. No funding has been sought at this time.

Among the concepts are:

•    Elevated pedestrian paths stretching from the MCG to Richmond Station, designed to separate pedestrians and vehicles, and to improve traffic flows.
•    Decking of the railway tracks between the MCG and Melbourne and Olympic Park, with open space able to be utilised for live sites and event activations.
•    Creation of new public open space, parkland and other facilities to service the precinct.

The development, if it were to proceed, would unite the two halves of the sporting precinct, currently divided by the Jolimont rail corridor, to enable greater utilisation of the precinct, attract more and better events to Melbourne and continue to generate a public legacy for the city well into the future.

A wide range of stakeholders were consulted by the MCC and MCG Trust during the creation of the study. 

They  include Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Treasury and Finance, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Major Projects Victoria, Melbourne and Olympic Parks, Vic Track, Public Transport Victoria, Metro Trains Melbourne, Yarra Trams, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Level Crossing Removal Authority, AFL, Tennis Australia, Victorian Major Events Company and City of Melbourne.