Hearing Loops

The MCG has many hearing loops fitted throughout the stadium.

A digital system uses the MCG free wifi and the MCG App to relay PA announcements into the users’ headphones. An analog system also conveys messages using simple radio frequency when tuned to 90.3 FM. Anyone is able to tune into this system.

Every function room and function space in the MCG has an under floor hearing loop that is specific to that room (or room subdivision) and is designed to be of high quality with zero interference. All systems are checked for faults monthly as well as before major events.

In addition, hearing loops are available at all outlets and bars and at the accessible ticket sellers’ windows.


The MCG’s hearing loops are designed to be compatible with as many hearing aids as possible. In addition, the system servicing the seating bowl can be used with any iPhone connected device or RF compatible device.

In an emergency

No matter which loop is being used; Wifi signal or radio frequency, the evacuation messaging is amplified on all systems at the same time.