Outlets and services

The MCG has a number of outlets and services including water fountains, phone charging outlets and first aid rooms around the venue.


The MCG Shop is located inside Gate 3, selling apparel, rain ponchos, club merchandise and more.

Water fountains ("bubblers")

Level B1
M6 Concourse
B1 M13 Concourse
B1 M18 Concourse
B1 M25 Concourse
M31 Concourse
M39 Concourse
M48 Concourse
M57 Concourse

Level 1
M3 Concourse
M10 Concourse

M18 Concourse
M25 Concourse
M28 Concourse
M37 Concourse
M45 Concourse
M57 Concourse

Level 2
N13 Entry foyer Keith Miller Room
N23 Entry foyer AFL Dining Room
N29 Concourse

Level 4
Q5 Concourse
Q12 Concourse 
Q23 Concourse
Q37 Concourse
Q30 Concourse

First aid rooms

Bay M6 - Level B1
Bay M13 - Level B1
Bay M30 - Level B1
Bay M45 - Level B1
Bay Q18 - Level 4
Bay Q36 - Level 4
Bay Q41 - Level 4
Bay Q54 - Level 4

Phone Charging - Power Bank Rental

  • Level 1, outside Membership Services Counter
  • Level 1, Trumble Bar and Cafe
  • Level 4, behind Q45

  • Level B1, behind bays M6/M7
  • Level 1, behind bays M9/M10
  • Level 1, behind bay M11
  • Level 1, behind bays M16/M17
  • Level 1, behind bay M23/24

  • Level 1, behind bay M51 (inside Gate 3, next to Paddock Cafe)
  • Level 4, behind Q51

  • Level B1, food court area
  • Level 1, behind M32
  • Level 4, behind Q35