MCG Free WiFi

The MCG is transforming into one of Australia’s most technically advanced and connected stadiums for fans.

WiFi and connectivity

A secure, high-density WiFi network operates in the stadium, offering fans, members and stakeholders access to the internet on any device at the stadium for free.

The "MCG FREE WIFI" network is now available and allows fans to access real-time and interactive content and the ability to engage with others at the game.

How to connect to MCG WiFi
  1. Turn on WiFi settings on your device.
  2. Select ‘MCG FREE WiFi’ from list of available networks.
  3. A registration page will appear. Enter your details, accept terms and conditions and click submit.
  4. You’re connected!

Having trouble connecting?
My device can’t find ‘MCG FREE WiFi’

  • Try disabling and enabling WiFi in settings
  • Check that your device has the appropriate minimum requirements (see below)
The registration page doesn’t appear

If you’re an iPhone user, make sure you have ‘Auto-Join’ and ‘Auto-Login’ enabled in your WiFi settings:
  • To do this, turn on WiFi in settings, select the ‘i’ icon on ‘MCG FREE WiFi’ in the list of available networks.
  • Then, disable and enable WiFi and select MCG FREE WiFi again. The registration page should appear automatically.
These settings will also ensure you join the WiFi automatically upon your next visit to the MCG.

Device requirements
The following are minimum requirements to allow you to register and connect to the MCG WiFi network.

Device name
 Operating system
 Default browser
 Amazon Kindle Silk 1.0.454.220
 Apple iPhone
 Apple Macbook Pro
 10.8.4 Safari 6.0
 Apple iPad
 7.0 Safari 7.0
 Google Nexus 7
 4.3 Google Chrome 32
 Samsung 33.0 (Snow OS)
 Google Chrome 33.0
 Samsung 4.2.2 Default