The Coffee Shop

Food outlets

The Food Store

Providing a range of high quality classics, the MCG Food Store is the go-to for traditional footy food and drinks at the ‘G.

With stores spread conveniently throughout the stadium, the Food Store is the ideal spot to grab a Four’N Twenty meat pie, hot chips or a Don’s hotdog during half time. For the more health conscious, there is also a range of healthy and nutritious options including wraps, salads, sandwiches and sushi.

Reminiscent of a traditional general store, the Food Store’s timeless and modern decor provides a relaxed casual atmosphere. In conjunction with the classic favourites, the Food Store also offers a range of premium burgers that are hand made on site.

The Fish Shop

The Fish Shop offers a modern twist on old favourites. Located throughout the MCG, the Fish Shop serves tasty alternatives to your traditional pie at the footy. A variety of options include traditional fish in batter, as well as less traditional salt & pepper squid and premium burgers.

With an English style seaside fish and chip shop decor the Fish Shop has an exciting yet familiar atmosphere.

The Coffee Shop

For those cold nights or early mornings, the Coffee Shop serves authentic barista made coffee, in two sizes. Conveniently located around the MCG, the Coffee Shop is the perfect place to embrace our Melbourne coffee culture with a latte or hot chocolate, before or during the game.

In addition, we offer a gourmet range of pies and delicious dessert slices to enjoy with your drink, adding an air of sophistication before heading back to cheer on your team.

The Dog Bar

The MCG offers hot dog creations from around the world at the Dog Bar. Stepping away from traditional footy food, the Dog Bar is part of a wave of gourmet hot dog places opening in Melbourne.

These aren't your traditional hotdogs. Choose from a premium chorizo and kransky dog for a delicious taste profile. Furthermore, the array of toppings makes this an exciting quality choice for any meal. The bar’s urban grit-style decor provides a cool atmosphere and can be found in three locations throughout the stadium.

Red Rooster

What better time to enjoy red rooster than whilst watching the footy at the ‘G with family and friends? Choose from a mouthwatering chicken fillet burger, strips sub, nuggets or strips and chips to keep you powered during the match.

Red Rooster prides itself on having no artificial flavours, colours, or added MSG in our prepared products.


We are pizza makers, and our mission is to make pizza which feeds all your senses. Here at the MCG we use specially trained staff to make the pizzas from scratch, providing you with an appetizing meal at every game.Using only the finest ingredients, it’s what we do with them that really sets our pizzas apart; creating unique combinations that will help feed your passion for the game.

MCG Pie Shop Cart

Serving a selection of handmade gourmet pies and pastries, the MCG Pie Shop Cart offers a premium spin on the infamous pie at the footy. Encased in a thick but crumbly pastry, you can choose from sumptuous pie filling combinations such as beef and Guinness, lamb and rosemary, chicken and leek, and spinach and cauliflower.

Located by Gate 2 in the MCC members reserve, choose your favourite before they are all gone.

MCG Dimmies Den

Now known as a quintessentially Melbourne offering, the Dimmies Den cart serves delicious dim sims to be devoured during or before the match. This Chinese-inspired dumpling-style snack food consists of small pork, cabbage and unique flavorings, encased in a wrapper similar to that of a traditional shumai dumpling.

Each dim sim is steamed and then deep fried to produce the perfect result. Served with the perfect accompaniments – a choice of two sauces, Sriracha hot chili sauce or mushroom soy sauce.

MCG Grill Truck – BBQ Cart and Station

The delicious smell radiating from our traditional BBQ carts is hard to walk past. Choose from a fresh chimi churro chicken sandwich or a tender prime Victorian beef steak with grilled onions served in a delicious Turkish roll. The MCG Grill Truck only uses ingredients that are fresh and high quality, with the cooking and grilling infused with love.

MCG Roast Beef Roll Cart and Stations

Reminiscent of the traditional Sunday favourite, the Roast Beef Roll Cart combines the best elements of a roast into a convenient takeaway roll. The long roasted grass fed Victorian beef is perfectly carved by MCG chefs and stacked into a crusty baguette. Rolls are finished with a traditional MCG gravy and choice of premium mustards.

Donut Cart

Traditional hot donuts are now available at the Donut Cart in the MCG. Served warm and dipped in sugar, they are sure to warm you up during the cold Melbourne winter. These sweet treat can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages they are always a popular choice at half time. They can be found in two locations throughout the stadium.

Chicken Souvlaki

Enjoy the stunning city views from the fourth floor of the MCG in the David Neitz Terrace in the Members reserve, whilst you order this delicious chicken souvlaki. Available all year round, everyone will love the combination of warm chicken in a delicious marinade, fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, red onion and garlic yoghurt in a pita wrap. Prepared by our own MCG chefs, this is a wonderful spin on a traditional Greek recipe which is further enhanced when partnered with a cool beer served at the bar.

Chicken Burrito

Served in the Robert Flower Terrace, the newest bar within the Members reserve, the chicken burrito will certainly fill a hole. This hand-held, warm snack consists of spiced chicken, tasty cheese, tomato salsa and fresh avocado in a soft tortilla wrap.

MCG Soup Station – Seasonal

The MCG is now serving hot soup at The Soup Cart during the cold Melbourne winter months. The cart provides a nutritious easy meal option that everyone can enjoy. Warm up on cold winter nights with hot thick soup prepared fresh by MCG chefs.

Traditional favourites are conveniently served in round take away cups with a delicious crusty roll. Flavours include Thai pumpkin & roasted ginger, roma tomato & white bean, spiced potato & leak and roasted cauliflower soup.

MCG Curry Cart – Seasonal

Adding a bit of international spice, the MCG now serves Indian favourites at its Curry Cart. Options include entree style Punjabi Vegetable Samosas, Potato and spinach Pakora served with chutney and yoghurt or crispy Papadums. Or more in the way of main meals, the Curry Cart serves Kadhi Chicken curry & Babuli Handi Vegetable Curry with Zera Palou rice.

Traditional Indian meals are served in convenient takeaway containers that can be taken back to the stand. This seasonal option provides patrons with a healthy meal and international alternative to traditional footy favourites.