A pie seller at the MCG on Anzac Day.

MCG food prices a big hit with fans

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The MCG’s bold move earlier this year to introduce lower food prices on a range of staple items has been met with approval by footy fans, according to sales data from the 2015 AFL home and away season.

This year is the first of a seven-year joint investment between MCC and its hospitality partner, Epicure, which sets the MCG apart from every other Australian stadium. No other stadium can compete with what is being offered at the MCG.

The annual cost to the catering business model of lower prices was initially forecast at $2 million. However, this figure for the current year is now expected to be $2.5 million, with MCC not passing on higher-than-expected supply cost increases to the consumer.

These prices will continue during the upcoming cricket season.

In the past six months - incorporating 45 AFL home and away matches, a State of Origin rugby league encounter and three International Champions Cup soccer clashes – almost half-a-million additional lower-priced products were purchased by MCG visitors, compared to the same period in 2014.

 Additional units
 Four’N Twenty meat pie 136,000 Up 69 per cent
 Hot dog (Food Store) 80,000 Up 64 per cent
 Hot chips
 156,000 Up 37 per cent
 Chicken schnitzel burger 17,000 Up 61 per cent
 Mount Franklin water 80,000 Up 57 per cent
 Soft drink (600 ml) 40,00 fewer
 Down 10 per cent
 Sushi 3600 Up 64 per cent
 Salad 979 Up 133 per cent

“We are very pleased with how fans have responded to the reduced food and beverage pricing at the MCG,” said MCC CEO Stephen Gough.

“The results confirm that we have made the right choice, as well as achieved the right balance with regard to the items and prices included.”

“These changes represent a significant financial investment, but we are committed to making a day out at the MCG more enjoyable and affordable for fans.

“We have led the charge on this initiative and hope that other venues will follow suit in addressing this major concern of fans and patrons.”